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Genesis Wash and Detail  
13421 NE 20th Street  
Bellevue, WA 98005  

Welcome to Our Web Site!

Keep your car in that showroom condition!

If you're meticulous about the car you drive, you should be meticulous about the care it receives. At Genesis Wash and Detail we care for you.

With our northwest weather your car is exposed to the a variety of elements. The beauty of your car can deteriorate with time, decreasing it's value. Keep up your car's beauty and preserve your investment at Genesis Wash and Detail we will keep your car lookings it's very best.

Since 1983, 18 years,  we've have maintained the highest quality of auto care and have earned a reputation for excellence. We are proud of the services we offer and our customers tell us time and time again, how much they appreciate our time and dedication we put into the care of their car. Customer satifaction is our business and we treat our customers like they are our only customer, with top priority service.

Please visit our "About Us" page to hear what customers say. Our basic service begins with our gentle yet thorough hand washing using only the industry's best car care products. If your car has heavy oxidation, we can restore it to it's original brilliance.

We can also provide leather treatment and conditioning to prevent fading and cracking, as well as shampooing, steam cleaning and Teflon protection for carpets and upholstery. Check out our "Services" page for additional services and specialties including: over spray removal, engine steam cleaning, deodorizing, tar removal and more.

Check out our "Galley" to see what your car can look like.

If you need additional information please give us a call or fill out the request form.  

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

For questions, e-mail us at detail@genesishouse.com


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